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ZBC confirms sex scandal probe on Mhandu, DJ Scott

The ZBC on Thursday confirmed that two bosses are facing disciplinary action following sexual harassment allegations.

A statement did not name the two, but they have been identified by ZBC insiders as radio chief Robson Mhandu and Scott Matengambiri, better known as DJ Scott, who is Power FM’s station manager.

The ZBC dismissed social media speculation linking two other presenters – Albert Chekayi and Effort Magoso – to the ongoing investigation.

It is the first time the ZBC has admitted to the scandal after CEO Adelaide Chikunguru previously denied knowledge of the complaints following revelations that Mhandu had been suspended for demanding sex from a female staffer before he could approve her transfer from Montrose Studios in Bulawayo to Harare’s Pockets Hill.

“We notify our stakeholders that we received two cases of sexual harassment sometime in September 2023.

“To that end, the ZBC has initiated investigations into the allegations and disciplinary processes are ongoing.

“Our stakeholders will be notified of the outcomes in due course,” the statement said.

The statement revealed that the Gender Commission had recently conducted workshops for ZBC staff on sexual harassment, which insiders claim is rampant at the corporation.

“The ZBC has a sexual harassment policy that gives a guide to how matters of this nature are handled,” the state-owned broadcaster said.

“ZBC employees are required to adhere to the code of conduct and the corporation has zero tolerance to sexual harassment in the workplace.”

The ZBC statement carried a bizarre threat to “some sections of the social media environment” for what it said was “an effort… to destabilise the corporation by peddling falsehoods and malicious fabrications to tarnish the good name of the ZBC.”

“In this regard, the ZBC will not hesitate to invoke legal processes against such perpetrators with malicious and pseudo social-political intentions,” it said.

Mhandu’s accuser recorded him repeatedly making sexual demands. He told the woman he wanted to “devour her” after comparing himself to a lion.

Matengambiri, meanwhile, allegedly demanded oral sex from an employee.

Both men are said to be fighting the allegations. They declined to answer questions from ZimLive.

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