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Job Sikhala falls ‘seriously ill’ in prison

By Staff Reporter

Opposition CCC politician Job Sikhala has reportedly fallen ‘seriously ill’ in prison with the tormented former legislator reportedly passing stool with blood.

This was confirmed by human rights lawyer Harrison Nkomo, who is representing the founding MDC lawmaker in a case he stands accused of inciting public violence.

“He complained of a rumbling tummy and he asked me to bring a doctor today,” Nkomo was quoted as having said.

Sikhala has been languishing in pre-trial detention at Chikurubi Maximum Prison, Zimbabwe’s biggest jail, for 483 days without bail and without any custodial conviction.

The politician has been described as a political prisoner by his party and civic groups.

Sikhala has been denied bail on many attempts by the courts.

His party accuses the country’s judiciary of being “captured” by the Zanu PF led authority to pass negative rulings against the opposition and its members.

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