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Hwindi dies after falling off back of a moving kombi

By Staff Reporter

A tout died after falling off a moving commuter omnibus in Harare Thursday.

Police confirmed the accident.

“Police in Harare are investigating a fatal road traffic accident which occurred on 25/10/23 along Highglen Road, after Marimba traffic lights.

“A man (28) who was riding on the rear bumper of a Toyota Hiace kombi died after falling down,” police said without giving further details.

The incident spotlights on the dangers faced by touts, commonly known as mahwindi, when they travel long distances daily while precariously clinging on the backs of speeding commuter omnibuses.

Zimbabwe’s public transport system remains a jungle as illegal operators take control of routes with traffic enforcement police officers often accused of turning a blind eye to rampant violations of road traffic rules or taking bribes from offenders.

Passengers have also suffered injuries when illegal operators often take off at high speed at the sight of police officers and traffic control operatives from city councils.

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