DJ Levels acquitted in sex-tape leak case

By Showbiz Reporter

Zimdancehall producer DJ Levels is off the hook after a Harare magistrate Thursday removed him from remand in a case in which the popular music maker faced charges of circulating his musician ex-girlfriend, Ashleigh Moyo’s nudes and a sex tape involving the two.

DJ Levels, real name Rodger Tafadzwa Kadzimwe, was being charged with violating sections of the Data Protection Act which prohibits transmission of intimate images without consent.

After months of the case before court, presiding magistrate Ruth Moyo ordered the state to proceed by way of summons.

Kadzimwe got into trouble last year when images of his sex romp with ex-girlfriend went viral on social media.

It is alleged that between September 2021 and November last year, DJ Levels and Moyo, better known as Shashl, were in a love relationship.

The daughter to former health minister Obadiah Moyo claimed the music creator deliberately leaked the images to fix her after she had turned down his overtures following their separation.

She first filed rape charges against the Chill Spot founder but later dropped them.

This saw Kadzimwe remain fighting the sex tape leak charges against which he has been freed.

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