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Chamisa withdraws party MPs, councillors amid state siege

By Staff Reporter

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa has withdrawn all party legislators and councillors from both parliament and councils in response to the shock ouster of 15 party MPs at the behest of self-styled party secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu.

Tshabangu set the cat among the pigeons early this month when he wrote to parliament directing the recall of 15 MPs and 17 councillors on the ostensible reason, they had ceased to be members of the main opposition.

The crisis is seen as part of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s political devices aimed at fanning instability in the enemy’s backyard.

Addressing a media conference in Harare Wednesday, Chamisa, under pressure to respond to relentless state-sponsored intimidation, also gave national assembly speaker Jacob Mudenda a 14-day ultimatum to reverse the recalls or dire measures would be taken.

“Until this issue is resolved, CCC MPs and councillors will disengage from parliament and councils,” Chamisa said.

“When we say disengage, we do not mean that they have withdrawn.

“We are saying no business will be transacted until remedy and justice are done through a mechanism we have agreed.”

The leader of Zimbabwe’s biggest opposition also hinted on complete withdrawal from parliament and local authorities if his party’s demands were not met.

“We have disengaged but withdrawal is also on the cards….and even plunging the country into a deeper crisis because we already have a constitutional crisis but there is going to be a worse one if there is no justice on the issues that are at play,” he said.

Chamisa, who formed CCC on the back of a bitter leadership wrangle that split MDC Alliance in 2020, blamed the enemy for relentless attempts to sow similar divisions within his party.

“We can’t allow the same tactic and the same trick to be used twice,” he said.

“We are the CCC and that will not change; it doesn’t matter what Zanu PF wants to do or all the shenanigans, the FAZ mechanism, the plots and everything.

“The plots that are going to be put in place will not work against us.”

Chamisa also demanded dialogue with the ruling party to resolve the national question.

“…There has to be a political settlement, a political dialogue immediately, to be able to deal with the issues of the disputed election and it is in this spirit mandated by the citizens and the national assembly,” he said.

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