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CCC engages parly speaker, minister over recalls

By Tapiwa Svondo

CCC has approached the Speaker of Parliament, Senate President and the Local Government minister asking them not to act on further recalls by Sengezo Tshabangu before the courts could fully determine whether the self-imposed interim party secretary general had authority to act on behalf of the main opposition.

Tshabangu, a virtually unknown figure until his recent exploits, pulled a shocker last month when he ordered recalls on over a dozen CCC MPs and councillors.

He struck again Wednesday, ordering further recalls on Harare mayor Ian Makone and eight of the city councillors.

The controversial politicians claims the targeted representatives have ceased to be members of CCC.

In a statement, CCC deputy spokesperson Ostallos Siziba was adamant it was improper for parliament to act on a matter that is yet to be fully determined by courts of law.

“In a firm and resolute move, the CCC took legal action against Tshabangu in October 2023, effectively restraining him from falsely representing the CCC.

“The legal dispute is ongoing, and Tshabangu filed an appearance to defend on 8 November, indicating his intention to contest the lawsuit.

“However, he has not yet presented a formal defence.”

Siziba said the main opposition has engaged both parliament and the minister to halt any recalls pending the conclusion of their appeal.

“Our legal representatives are actively engaging in discussions with the Speaker of Parliament, President of the Senate, and Minister of Local Government to inform them about the ongoing legal battles concerning these unwarranted recalls.

“These discussions emphasize the importance of honoring and respecting court processes while disregarding any spurious communications.

“We firmly believe that all stakeholders will be guided by the principles of justice and legality in their actions.”

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